For your convenience, all of our pallets, truckloads and lots can be easily shipped to any destination in the US by one of the freight carriers that we deal with, at a discounted rate, up to 60%.

We coordinate shipping and logistics for all transactions.We will help coordinate pick up and delivery schedules with the freight companies to help expedite your order.

Small Lots, Partial Loads & Single Pallet shipments are considered “LTL” freight. We use a number of dependable carriers to deliver the LTLs. Whether it is 1 pallet or 8, we deliver them to you at a discounted rate and at the most efficient manner possible.

We have many shipping points around the country including:

 Nevada  Ohio  Florida 
 Wisconsin  Illinois  California 
New Jersey Atlanta Pennsylvania 

All freight is paid by the individual making the purchase and is paid to the freight company. Most freight companies will have you send them the payment prior to shipping the merchandise. Other companies will allow you to pay freight collect, which means that you pay for the freight once the truck arrives to its destination.

With regards to International Shipping, please visit our export page which will give you a better understanding of the freight involved when shipping Closeouts and Liquidation Goods out of the country and overseas.

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