We are proud to assist you not only with your domestic shipping, but also with your Export shipping needs. This is just another of the complimentary services offered to you by us.

We have a broad spectrum of clients that range from Europe, Asia and Australia to the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. We will assist you with all the complex aspects of the Export of your merchandise you its destination.

Hello to all our International Clients:

  • Hola
  • Merhaba
  • Konichiwa
  • Shalom
  • Ni hao
  • Kalimera
  • Buon giorno
  • Bom dia
  • Bonjour
  • Guten Tag
  • Zdravstvuite
  • Buna ziua

We offer assistance with:

  • Port to Port Shipping
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Air or Sea Freight
  • Customs

Please feel free to inquire about these services
with your sales representative.

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Specifics such as manifesting, certain country import laws and certain documentation may be needed to be cleared in advance.