Baby, Books, Cosmetics, & Jewelry

Baby Loads

Interested in baby clothing? Contact us for information and pricing!

Mixed Brand New Baby Merchandise:
A large variety and selection of new, first quality baby items that may include such things as dish sets, gifts, clothing, toys, strollers, and much more.
Minimum Order: 2 pallets | Price: $995 per pallet
Order: Truckload ( 24 pallets) | Price: $925 per pallet

Mixed Baby Merchandise:
A large variety and selection of great condition used returns baby and toddler items. Includes strollers, high chairs, car seats, riding toys and more. Ships from FL
Minimum Order: 3 pallets | $225 per pallet
Large Quantities Price: $199 per pallet

Target Baby Pallets:
Overstock and returns. Brand name stroller, high chair, car seats, baby walkers, beds, crib apparel, accessories, and more.
Call for pricing and availability.


Visit our website or contact us for more detailed information such as genres.

New Books:
A large assortment/selection of different titles of new soft and/or hard cover books. May include novels, poem, collections, short story collections and more romance. Science-fiction, young adult/children and more. Call for more information and our books information sheet. Approximately 1,000 books per pallet. Ships from FL.
Order: 2 pallets. | $895 per pallet

Used Great Condition Books:
Huge assortment and selection of different titles of soft and hard cover books. Includes novels, poems, short stories, and more of romance, science-fiction, young adult/children and more. Great condition, no torn pages/ covers. Ships from FL.
Value: Original retail of books averages from $7.99 – $39.99
Order: 2 pallets | Price: $199 per pallet

New Children’s Books:
A good assortment and selection of Children’s books. Approximately 700-800 books per pallet.
Minimum Order: 2 pallets | Price: $895 per pallet

New Greeting Cards:
Birthday, Get Well, Wedding, etc. A huge variety of cards.
Price: $0.25

Cosmetics & Fragrances

Brand Name Cosmetics:
Choose from the brands you want!
Prices start as low as $0.69 cents each. Call for detailed pricing and availability.



Sally Hansen


Cover Girl



Mixed Brands

New Surplus Cosmetics:
Lipstick, nail polish, mascara, creams and foundation fro major Department Stores. Call for volume discounts. Ships from FL.
Order: 1,000 pieces per lot. | Price: $0.69 each

Overstock Mixed Branded Cosmetics:
Lipstick, nail polish, mascara, creams, foundations and much more. Brands such as Maybelline, L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Sally Hansen, and more.
Order: 500 pieces per lot | Price: $1.49 each

New Surplus Nail Polish:
Brand name nail polish from Major Department Stores. Many colors. Call for volume discounts. Ships from FL.
Order: 500 pieces per lot | Price: $1.49 each

Men & Women Assorted Fragrances:
Bottles of mixed men’s and women’s fragrances. 3 oz and up! Ships from FL.
Minimum Order: 240 pieces | Price: $2.99 per bottle

Costume Jewelry and Watches

Email or call us for our costume jewelry closeouts list.

Macy’s Mixed Costume Jewelry:
Macy’s brand name mixed costume jewelry. May includes rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and more.
Order: 1,000 piece lots.
Shelf Pull & Returns Price: $2.25 per piece | Overstock Surplus Price: $4.99 per piece.

Brand Name Earrings:
New Brand Name. 72 assorted styles. Call for jewelry price list.
Value: Retail for $14 – $29 per pair
Minimum Order: 240 pairs | Price: $3.99 per pair

Choose your package.

All New Mixed Costume Jewelry from Walmart:
Rings, Earrings (Some cubic Zirconia), beautiful pins, necklaces, bracelets, charm bracelets, and more. Call for costume jewelry price list.
Minimum Order: 500 pieces | Price: $2.75 per piece

Mixed JC Penny Jewelry and Watches:
Shelf pulls and store returns. Brand name mixed men/women watches and jewelry. Ships from FL.
Call for pricing and availability.