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Men’s Clothing

Men's Clothing

Men’s Apparel (Men & Young Men): Casual Pants, Leather Clothing, Raincoats, Dress Shirts, Slacks, Jackets, Tees, Polos, Sweaters, Shorts, Jeans, Suits, Sport Coats, Outerwear and much more. Dress and Casual.

Mixed variety loads or pallets of these items are available, as well as specific items. All merchandise is from Major Department Stores. We carry all new excess merchandise as well as customer return loads. Please call for availability.

Overstock Guess, CK, Sean John, Levi’s, RL & more Men’s Urban Wear: High end brand name surplus clothing from the most popular Urban Wear Clothing Companies on the market. These are all new. A large variety of styles, name brands and sizes. This wide assortment of items ranges in original retail price from $35.00 to $140.00, all at tremendous savings. Jeans, Shorts, Fleece, Tees, Cargo Shirts, Suede Pants and more available.A low $10.99 per piece. 350 pieces minimum order. Ships from FL, CA, TX, GA, OH, CT, MD, MO, IL.

High End Brand Name New Men’s Clothing from Department Store Code #3: High end brand name clothing from companies such as Levi’s, Polo, Nautica, Tommy, Calvin Klein and more. All new merchandise. A large variety of styles, name brands and sizes. Your cost is a low $7.99 per piece. Minimum order is 250 pieces. Ships from FL, CA, TX, OH, CT.

Men’s Suit and Jackets from Major Department Stores: New and Overstock Men’s Suit and Jackets. A huge variety of brand names, styles, colors & sizes. These retail for as much as $400/Suit! Your super low price is $24.95 per piece. Minimum 100 pieces. Ships from FL, CA, TX, GA, OH, CT, MD, MO, IL.

All New Men’s Jeans: Brand Name Jeans in different colors. These are a great money maker!! A large variety of styles and run of sizes. Call for prices and availability.

New Men’s Ties and/or Belts: All 1st quality. $14.99 Retail. Genuine leather belts. Both come in many colors, styles & sizes. 500 pc. minimum each or mixed. A low $1.49

Men’s Underwear: All new 1st quality Brand Name (These are not white briefs from Hanes or Fruit of the Loom). Many different styles and colors. Sizes S-XL. All underwear are mostly cotton. Come nicely packed in hard plastic packs of three. Minimum order is 1,200 pieces. Your price is a low 75¢ per piece. Ships from Florida.

Imitation High End Brand Name Boxer Briefs: Overstock huge variety of styles and colors in full run of sizes. $1.49 per piece. Minimum 600 units. Ships from FL.

New Men’s Hats and Caps: A large variety of different caps. Call for pictures! Call for pricing and detailed inventory. Ships from FL.

Men’s New High End Brand Name Fashion Accessories from Department Store Code #3: Belts, wallets and much more. Brand names include DKNY, Guess, CK, Tommy, Fossil and more. A low $5.99/piece. Ships from FL, CA, TX, GA, OH, CT, MD, MO, IL. Minimum 350 pieces.

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