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Automotive Goods

Automotive Goods

Car Dashboard

Auto Accessories(travel organizers, car covers, mats, hub-caps), Auto Parts(spark plugs, lights, wiper blades), Auto Maintenance Items (various oils and lubricants, antifreeze). These loads are from Major Department Stores.

Auto Accessories, Hardware & Parts: Brand new, first quality enormous selection of auto accessories, hardware & parts. Pallets may include car mats, car tool sets, steering wheel locks, steering wheel covers, auto fluids (transmission, oil, power steering), spark plugs, oil filters, cables and more. A low $895 per pallet. 2 pallets minimum. Ships from. FL.

Auto Parts from Online Store AMZ Code #19: Returns and Overstock Merchandise. Beautiful pallets of items with a huge selection! Choose your pallets by reviewing the manifests. Pallets have items such as radiators, Axle Shafts, Head gasket Set, Replacement Blower Assembly, Headlight Assembly, Wiper Blades and much more. Ford, Mitsubishi, Audi and more. Pallets start at $599 and go up to $3,999 per lot. Call today for availability and current manifests. Ships from TN, IN.

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