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Used Apparel & Shoes

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Used Apparel (Men's, Women's, Children's), Pants, Tops, Shirts, Jeans, Jackets, Dresses and more. Used Shoes (Men's, Women's, Children's), Dress Shoes, Atheltic Footwear and more. Used Domestics Towels, Sheets, Pillow Cases and more.

Come Visit our Used Clothing Factory in Florida !!!

Mixed variety loads or pallets of these items are available, as well as specific items. All merchandise is from Major Department Stores. We carry all new excess merchandise as well as customer return loads. Please call for availability.

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Used kids clothing

Direct from our Used Clothing Factory in Florida !!!
Choose the Grade and Variety that you like !!!
A huge mixture of Women's, Men's and Kid's Apparel.
100 or 1,000 lb. bails. - Excellent for Export !!!

Used Mixed Clothing (Grade A+ Supreme full of Brand Names): A low $1.99 per lb. No holes, tears or stains.

Used Mixed Clothing (Grade A Some Brands): A low $1.29 per lb. No holes, tears or stains.

Used Mixed Clothing (Grade A and B): A low 49 per lb. Mostly no holes, tears or stains. 29 per lb by container or truckload.

used shoes

Used Mixed Shoes: A huge mixture of Women's, Men's and Children's Shoes. Shoes include Dress, Casual and Athletic Footwear. Very large selection of sizes, colors, designs and styles. Your price is a low $1.49 per pound. 1,000 lbs minimum. Ships from F.L

Used Clothing Specials: All Grade A Clothing. We have the following specials:

Clothing Item
Children Used Jeans 250 pairs $1.99
Women Jean Skirts 250 pieces $2.25
Women Denim Dresses 250 pieces $2.49
Men/Women Denim Jackets 250 pieces $3.49
Sweatshirts 250 pieces $1.49
Sweat Pants/Jogging Pants 250 pieces $1.49
Women's Stretch Pants 250 pieces $1.49
Women Dress Skirts 250 pieces $1.49
Women Wool Skirts 250 pieces $1.49
Women Blazers 250 pieces $2.99
Adult Sweaters 250 pieces $1.49
Overall Jeans 250 pieces $2.49

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Mixed Apparel

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We ship around the USA and Internationally !!!

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