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Branded Electronics Pallets - Shelf Pulls and Returns - $699/pallet !!!

LCD TV's, DVD Players and Recorders, Speakers, Camcorders, Boomboxes, Microwaves, Car Stereos, CD Players, Cordless Phones, MP3 Players, Home Stereos, Cables/Wires & Accessories, Vacuums, Computers & Computer Accessories, Printers and much more.

Mixed variety loads or pallets of these items are available, as well as specific items. All merchandise is from Major Department Stores. We carry all new excess merchandise as well as customer return loads. Please call for availability.

Closeouts Electronics and Below Wholesale Surplus Overstock Small Appliances

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SRS National Brand Name Electronics from Department Store Code #1: Surplus, Floor Models & Returns: A huge assortment and variety of electronics. May include TV's, Plasmas, LCD's, Digital Cameras, DVD Players, Speakers, Camcorders, Boom boxes, PS2/3, XBOX, Microwaves, CD Players, Cordless Phones, Accessories, Vacuums, Printers and more. Brand names may include Sony, RCA, Panasonic, Samsung, Zenith, Aiwa and more. Call for lot and truckload discounts. Ships from. FL, GA, OH, CA. Manifests are available.

Small Appliances Pallets: Store Returns and overstock mixed small appliances. Huge assortment that includes include toasters, coffeemakers, blenders, juicers, can openers and more. Brand names include Mr. Coffee, Sunbeam, Proctor Silex, Oster and more. A low $699 per pallet. Minimum 3 pallets. Ships from. FL.


Home Appliances: Refrigerators, Washing Machines/Dryers, Dish Washers, Ovens, Freezers and more. Available either as-is or refurbished. Prices start at $79 each!!! Ships from. FL and TX. All working appliances - $99 each (100 per load). Call for a detailed price list.

Appliances from WLMT: Refrigerators and freezers. Overstocks, discontinued, scratch and dents and returns. Call for pricing and availability. Pictures available.

Department Store Code #27 DBY Appliances: Customer Returns. Huge variety of appliances that may include Refrigerators, Freezers, Dish Washers, AC Units, Dehumidifiers, Ranges and more. Call for Price and Availability. Ships from. NC. ON. Click here for more Info.


Call today for a listing of the DVD movies now available !!!

New Packaged Adult DVD: Brand new Adult DVDs, packaged in original boxes. Hundreds of different well known titles. A guaranteed money maker! Choose from different categories. Retail is $24.99-39.99. Call for more information. A low $1.25 each. 500 DVDs minimum. Ships from. FL.

New Computer Software: Children and adults - fun, entertainment and learning. Compatible with Windows/MAC computers. Minimum 300 pieces, $1.99 each.

New Children Movies & Cartoons DVD: Popeye, Junglebook and many other different movies. A low $1.99/DVD. Minimum 500 movies. Ships from. FL.

Phone/Electrical Cables & Accessories: A huge assortment and variety of new first quality phone and electrical cables/accessories. Items may include such things as phone cords, couplers, splitters, jacks, speaker wire, coaxial cable and much more. Your cost is a low $599 per pallet. Minimum order of 2 pallets. Ships from. Florida.


Cellular Phone

New Cellular Phone Accessories: A Huge variety of all new items for different popular brand names and models. Includes accessories for Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson. Great money maker! Includes: Leather Cases, Batteries, Phone Housings, Covers, Travel/Car Chargers, Head Sets, etc. 750+ pieces per lot. Retail $12.99-$39.99. $995/lot. 2 lot minimum. Ships from. FL, NY.

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