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Drugstore Items & HBA

Cleaning Products, Houseware, Office/School Supplies, Cosmetics, Gifts, HBA (Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions), Hair Care Products, Toys, Paper Goods and more.

Mixed variety loads or pallets of these items are available, as well as specific items. All merchandise is from Major Department Stores. We carry all new excess merchandise as well as customer return loads. Please call for availability.

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Pharmaceutical Medicines/Items: New Surplus & Overstock that include band-aids, aspirin, Ibuprofen, allergy tablets, night time med., antibiotic lotion, ointments, muscle rub, child/baby items, nasal spray and more. A low $1.75 each. 750 piece lots. F.O.B. TX, CA. Call for details.

Mixed New Drug Store Items:Surplus Cleaning Products, Cosmetics, HBA (Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions), Hair Care and more. A super $895 per pallet. 2 pallet minimum. F.O.B. FL, TX, CA.

Mixed Health & Beauty Aids (HBA):All New Surplus & Overstock Merchandise. These loads are strictly HBA which may contain items such as Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions, Cosmetics, Deodorants, Body Sprays, Shower Gels, Splashes and much more. A low $895 per pallet. 2 pallet minimum. $849 per pallet by truckload (24 pallets). F.O.B. FL, TX, CA.

Mixed Cleaning Supplies: All New Surplus & Overstock Merchandise. Loads are strictly Cleaning Supplies which may contain air fresheners, glass cleaners, dish detergents, laundry detergents, multi-cleaners, toilet cleaners, soap and more. A low $849 per pallet. 2 pallet minimum. $825 per pallet by truckload (24 pallets). F.O.B. FL, TX, CA.

Paper Truckloads from Department Store "K" Code #4 : 26 pallets per load. Toilet paper, Kleenex, diapers, paper towels, feminine, paper plates etc. Great loads. Shelf pulls, open packages. Call for pricing and detailed inventory.

New Paper Loads by the Pallet: Toilet paper, Kleenex, diapers, paper towels, feminine, paper plates, etc. Great loads. All overstock items, mostly in original cases. $399 per pallet. FOB FL, TX, CA.

Shaving Pallets: Razor Blades, Shaving Cream and Shaving gel. Brands such as Gillette, Schick and BIC. 600-800 Units per pallet. $1,299 per pallet. No Minimums. FOB: FL.

First Aid Pallets: First Aid Sets/Boxes, Band Aids, Gauze Pads, Aloe Vera Cream, First Aid Ointment, A&D Cream, Burn Cream, Kids Band Aids, Dressing Bandages, Pain Relief Patches, Elastic Bandages, Ice Packs and Heat Packs. 600-800 Units per pallet. A low $799 per pallet. No Minimums. FOB:FL

J&J Baby HBA Pallets: Johnson & Johnson Baby Items. Baby Powder, Baby Bath, Baby Lotion, Baby Oil, Baby Shampoo, Bedtime Bath, Baby Soap and more. 600-800 Units per pallet. $1,399 per pallet. No Minimums. FOB:FL

Are you interested in Closeout Drug Store Items by the Case? We have Colgate, Tide, Lux Soap, Johnson & Johnson, Mentos, Kleenex, Palmolive, Vaseline and more by cases only. Contact us for the current list.

Maxi-Pads and/or Tampons: Pads or tampon cartons for Women. Your special price is a low $1.49 per pack of pads or per tampon carton. 1,000 packs/pallet. F.O.B. FL, TX, CA.

New Brillo-Like Scrubber Sponges: Sponges come 2 Reusable Large Sponges in each pack and are Value Pack Scrub Sponges, $2.19 retail, retail ready in a hanging package with UPC. Each are packed 48 per case, 80 cases per pallet. FOB FL. A low $0.59 each pack.

Baby Wipes: Mixed 80 and 100 count packs. $1.49 each. 1,296 packs/pallet. FOB FL, TX, CA.

Fabric Softener: Mixed, mostly 32 oz., 33.8 oz. $1.49 each. 768 pcs./pallet. FOB FL, TX, CA.

Paper Towels: Mixed brands/private, about 300-400 pks/pallet. $399/pallet. FOB FL, TX, CA.

Napkins: Mixed brands/private, about 300-400 pks/pallet. $399/pallet. FOB FL, TX, CA.

Toilet Paper: Mixed brands/private, about 300-400 pks/pallet. $399/pallet. FOB FL, TX, CA.

Diapers: 20/pk, mixed sizes, 8 pk/case, 30 cases/pallet. $3.49/pack. FOB FL.

Assorted Athletic/Medical Supports: Assorted supports of: Knee, Ankle, Back, Wrist, Knee Stabilizers and much more. $1.25 each. FOB TX, FL, CA.

New Greeting Cards: A huge assortment of Birthday, Get Well, Wedding and much more. Only 25 each. Minimum 10,000 pieces. F.O.B. FL.

Banana Boxes: Mostly "in -date" merchandise. FOB: IN and FL. Call for details.

Assorted Vitamins: Ginko, MSM Complex, Vitamin E, Multi Vitamin, Fish Oil, Omega-3, Garlic Extract, Sugar Balance, Echinacea, Stress "B" Complex. Minimum 480 units. A low $1.25 Each. FOB CA, TX.


Incense Sticks: Huge variety of scents. Call for list. 6 packages inside each box. 864 boxes per pallet. $3.45 per box. Minimum 288 boxes. Call for volume discounts. Also available stick holders for $0.55 each. FOB: FL.


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